Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Years Eve

Happy New Years Eve non-existant readers :). Bran and I are going to the Gold Coast with some friends for the evening. Just a quiet party with friends, no big drink-a-thon out in the pubs, and thats the way we like it. Here are things i'm going to try and do for the new year;

-Go for a elimination diet for at least a week then add things back in
-Go to water aerobics classes/start swimming regularly
-Get arthritis under control
-Take at least a few classes from Endeavour
-Learn to have more patience with myself and with my husband
-Cook more in bulk
-Grow more edibles
-Of course, lose weight

Pain: R: arm, fingers, ankle, knee. L: Arm, most fingers, ankle. Back is sore today too, especially to the right of my lower back. I'll take some voltarin before I leave but trying to stay away from prednisone as I think it's upsetting my stomach.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Boys and Their Toys

Bran got his new TV today :). We spent most of the day messing around connecting the laptop and playing video games. Boys and their toys.

Pain: R: arm, fingers, ankle. L: Elbow, wrist, most fingers, ankle. Sternum, ribs.

I feel like it's spreading pretty rapidly. I tried some voltarin gel on my wrist, it worked quite quickly and not too bad. I was able to play some video games for a bit :).

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Welcome Back

I finally manage to update this blog to include previous blog posts before I put the other one to private. I hope anyone who stumbles upon this doesn't mind the probably half-year gap >.>. I shall still keep a private blog for personal rants but i'll try and keep this one up to date :).

So today Bran had his job trial. It seems hard to get a read on what they really thought, but i'm thankful once again that he already had a position in the new year.

I bought a new swim suit yesterday. It's very cute, I think. Hopefully it will be cute when I start up the water aerobics with the little old people in the heated pool XD. Ah dear, what fun arthritis is.

We had pizza for dinner, not home made, I got a margarita pizza on a thin crust and it wasn't too bad. I was good and only had 4 slices ;).

I think it will be good writing for an audience again, whether anyone reads it or not. It will make me stay positive!

Pain: R arm, elbow had an interest crunch this morning. Wrist was very painful after attempting to knit. L: Elbow, wrist, most fingers hurt today. R ankle, knee.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Chili 2

So, today I shall make a new blog post. Today I am making chili :D.

Chili always reminds me of my Mum, who would take most of a day to make the delicious stew. I remember her adding bits and bobs, chopping and browning and letting it sit. When I became a vegetarian, she even made sure to make a special pot just for me :). We would eat it by the bowl full with cheese or sour cream on top, or with crackers, or on top of a hot dog (which was my person favorite ;) thank you Sonic the Hedgehog).

Today, I make my own version. I still use the basics of; onions, peppers, celery,canned tomatoes, kidney beans and spices, but I also add in other vegetables and black beans. I sometimes add different amounts of spices and even some cocoa powder if i'm feeling adventurous! This time around i'm also adding in quorn mince "meat".

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

New Day

So, I will now be re-opening a public blog :D hopefully i'm interesting enough for other people to read.